Earlier today it was reported that Mortal Kombat short-film director Kevin Tancharoen will be helming a big screen feature film reboot of the property for New Line Cinema. 14 years after their last adaptation of the popular video game franchise. The director recently spoke to EW, and talked about the ‘R’ rated direction he wants to take the movie:

Up to this point, we’ve only been talking ‘rated R,’ I like realistic takes on things, I like it when it’s a little darker and grittier. And I want the martial arts to feel real as opposed to balletic and super-choreographed. It needs to feel brutal, because that’s the nature of the video game itself.

Toby Emmerich, president of New Line added,

I remembered the old films, which I don’t think left people hungry for more. But when you look at how well the game was doing and you look at what Kevin did with it just on his own, you don’t have to squint too hard to see how it might make a good movie.

Tancharoen is saying all the right things, which placate to my fan-boy MK wishful thinking. However, my faith in the dude wavered when his web-series Mortal Kombat: Legacy failed to live up to Rebirth, the short-film that inspired it. Unlike the web-series, the short depicted a realistic take on the Mortal Kombat franchise. Representational of the fighting game and it’s characters, but in a modernized setting. It was brutal and disgusting, resembling the suspense and horror films like Seven and Saw. Especially with characters like Baraka and Reptile, who, in that version, were fucked up freaks of nature (birth defect, surgical addiction..etc). The webseries however, put them back into the Outworld fantasy setting. I was so excited to have a realistic version of it. Then Tancharoen added the other realm bullshit and ruined it.

I just I wonder if this reboot is going to be straight-up realism like the original short, or more traditional like the web series. While I have enjoyed the Web Series, it would be interesting to see a full length film based off of Rebirth, with the more realism take on things. Then again, the fun of Mortal Kombat is in its unrealism… Bah, I dunno what I want. Regardless, for the director’s sake, I hope it’s a… flawless victory *derp*.

Source: EW

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