Like every other geek girl (and boy) on the web, I totally idolize Felicia Day. Chatting with her for literally two seconds was a highlight of my Dragon*Con experience. So, naturally, I’m really, really pumped for the release of her new web series, Dragon Age: Redemption. Finally, today, we got an official trailer from Machinima,

Ooooh! I can’t wait! Also, how great does the tie-in DLC, Mark of the Assassin look? We reported on an exclusive preview from Kotaku last week, which shows more in-game action. But the trailer for the web series, I mean, wow, it looks so professional. And I’m not snubbing her other web series, The Guild, but the benefits of a larger budget show and it looks fantastic. I’m so stoked to see Day kickin’ ass as the elven assassin, Tallis.

In addition to the new trailer, Day shared more awesome news on her blog. Fancy winning some Dragon Age schwag from Felicia herself? Of course you do!

Starting next Tuesday I’ll be linking all the episodes to you here and on all my social media accounts(midnight international release on Machinima FYI), I’ve also been given a BUNCH of schwag to give out each week, like DLC codes, Dragon Age merch, signed headshots (etc), so hopefully you’ll enjoy that.  There’s a podcast etc etc, so lots of fun stuff to come!

There’s a fanart contest currently going on over at Bioware around Tallis’ outfit (and a nice blog entry by the designer of the costume, Greg Aronowitz) and a puzzle contest that I’ll be helping link to all week until launch, so maybe give that stuff a peek to tide you over ’til launch!

Ahh! I can barely contain my nerdy excitement! If a chance for neat prizes isn’t enough for you (And really, why are you so demanding!?) Day will also be organizing, “some Google Hangouts to interact with you guys about the episodes, so you can meet the cast and crew and ask questions about the show.” If you were looking for that reason to join Google+, here ya go.

All right, let’s review:

-Dragon Age: Redemption premieres next week, October 11th at Machinima

-The Dragon Age II DLC, Mark of the Assassin releases the same day

-You’ll have chance to win cool stuff, including DLC codes, from Felicia Day when you follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ (Which, I’m sure you’re already doing)

What a fantastic time to be a fan of the Dragon Age series and Ms. Day. Honestly, who else can’t wait for October 11th?

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