Know how Netflix has been acting all weird lately, splitting their services up and such? Plus they raised their prices and pissed a lot of customers off? Well, good news, they finally did something right! Netflix has secured a deal with AMC to stream the first season of The Walking Dead, starting today, and, “additional seasons of The Walking Dead, as well as certain future AMC and Sundance Channel programming, will be streaming instantly to Netflix members just prior to the premiere of subsequent seasons.” Suh-weet.

Netflix has already added previous seasons of Breaking Bad and Mad Men to their instant offerings, making them a go to source for some of the best, critically acclaimed television. Suck it, Hulu.

The Walking Dead‘s second season premieres October 16th at 9pm on AMC. Meaning, you’ve got nine days to fit in a season one marathon. I think that’s easily done with only six episodes.

Source: The Mary Sue

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