This NerdBastard has watched a lot of Star Wars Fan-made movies and shorts over the years. It’s always a coin flip when you start each one. Will it be good? Please let it be good. Often there are a jumble of parts that just don’t fit together to complete the puzzle.

Good story – atrocious acting.

Good acting – horrible effects.

Good idea – lousy writing.

 Great effects – confusing editing.

So when you come across one that stands out, it usually makes the Internet rounds and is quickly brought to this NerdBastard’s attention. Now, out of the Internet blue comes Dark Resurrection Volume 0. The prequel to Dark Resurrection Volume 1.  

How the hell have I missed these two?

Don’t worry, an investigation is under way. Stones will be turned, light cast into dark corners, someone out there will be brought before my terrible swift justice.

Just a couple of notes before you NerdBastards dive right in. The film is in Italian with English subtitles. I found that this helps the overall impact of the film. I don’t speak Italian, so I miss any stilted acting that might have occurred. The language might as well be “inter-galactic” and that adds an additional other worldly element to the film. 

Once you get the time to watch the entire film, come back and give us your comments in the section below. I’ll be interested to hear your insights into the two films. 

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