James Mangold, who has directed 3:10 to Yuma and Knight and Day, will be directing The Wolverine — and you can put your amazing powers of deduction to the test in determining what that film is.

Hugh Jackman recently got the rumor mill started by dropping a very interesting nugget of information about The Wolverine. The flick might have two cuts by the end of the process: one PG-13 version for the sweet, impressionable little kiddies out there, and one R-rated version for us ornery bastards.

This would be fuckin’ awesome.

This is what Hugh Jackman actually said to MTV about this:

“There’s such great temptation to make an R-rated Wolverine. I’ve always felt that. I know a lot of fans would like that. I totally get it. If there was ever a superhero that was going to be R-rated, it’s Wolverine. However, in the last ten years, I’ve also met many, many 12, 13, dare I say 10, 14, 15 year-olds who, for them, Wolverine is not just cool, you see it in their eyes. He’s everything to them. So my thing is — which James Mangold and I talked about — is let’s not put it off the table. There’s even a talk of us doing two versions, as in finding a way for us to do both as you shoot it, which could be really cool. But you need to have a really good reason to exclude those fans.”

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