Just one of those times when all the rumors are true. Nightwing will be available as a DLC releasing on November 1st, only two weeks after Batman: Arkham City‘s release (October 18th, for those not in the know and not completely obsessed). Like, Robin, Nighwing will be playable in the challenge maps, Wayne Manor and Main Hall. The Nightwing DLC will retail on Xbox Live for 560 Microsoft points or on PSN for $6.99.

Also, some exciting news, Robin will not only be a Best Buy exclusive. If you don’t pick up your copy of Arkham City from Best Buy you can wait until November 22nd when his bundle will also become available as a DLC. Both the Nightwing and Robin bundles will include additional skins, for example skins from Batman: The Animated Series.

Below is our first official image of Nightwing from Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Interactive, and it is sooooo much better than those leaked screen shots from a few days ago. Seriously. Mrowr.

Source: Comics Alliance

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