Darth Mauls Back, Back Again.

Pop quiz, what was the best part of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace? The final fight with, and death, of Darth Maul. Pop quiz part two, what was the biggest marketing mistake George Lucas made in Episode One? Yep, killing off the best character, Darth Maul. Luckily, George Lucas is the type of person to leave his past creative choices, both good and bad, be.

From USA Today:

Star Wars fans felt the shaft (I demand you hurt yourself for that pun, USA Today) in The Phantom Menace when Darth Maul was introduced and quickly killed off — and so did the spiffy-looking Sith lord, who fell to his death after being sliced in two by a lightsaber.

You can’t keep a great villain down, though. And that’s why Darth Maul will be resurrected this spring, making his grand re-entry into Star Wars mythology in episodes of the Cartoon Network animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Filoni was as surprised as anyone during a Clone Wars story meeting when Star Wars creator George Lucas asked (Clone Wars supervising director Dave) Filoni to figure out a way to bring Darth Maul back.

Ok, help me out here Star Wars fans, The Clone Wars cartoon takes place between Episode 2 “Attack of the Clones” and 3, “Revenge of the Sith”, long after Maul was CUT IN FREAKIN HALF AND FELL DOWN A … wait, why does every building in the Star Wars Universe have these huge, apparently endless shafts all over the place, that has to be a safety code violation or something…. back on track.

Yes, Darth Maul was clearly a fan favorite and the most marketable character of the prequels. Was killing him off a mistake? I don’t think so, it was one of the few solid parts of the prequels. The mistake was trying to replace him with an endless stream of crappy villains (like his brother, who was basically just him anyways, or how about a robot, with asthma?) That was clearly a desperate attempt to strike the same cord with the fans.

I am just surprised that Lucas hasn’t special editioned himself out of this already, re-released Phantom Menace with crappy tacked on CGI and overdubbed audio, Perhaps what we really saw was just his pants falling off? Maybe that was actually a mattress and surplus marshmallow storage shaft? Oh wait, he is not just one character, but now TWO! The thrilling team up of his upper and lower halves can have a comedic buddy/buddy cop movie tone to it!

Now you are diddling the prequels, and I hated the prequels.

I hate you George Lucas.

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