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Sean Berthiaume has been creating fantastic pop culture special boards for Vinnie’s Pizzeria. This website, Special Bored, collects his daily doodlings. I’d like know to where this Pizza shop is. I need a change in pizza places. My local pizza shop is run by a very angry Greek guy. If I asked for a “Guacamoltron”, “Beebop and Broc Steady”, or a “Boba Feta” he’d shout Greek profanities at me and guilt trip me into buying his 5 day old Baklava.

I’m so making some “Da’ Tenders of the Universe” when I’m through humoring you.

Source: GorillaMask


A woman crazy cat lady in Texas commissioned a carpenter to craft a 9 ft. tall replica of The Burrow, the home of the Weasley family from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books for her pussy(s).

Heights Workshop Builds ‘Harry Potter’ Cat House: MyFoxHOUSTON.com

Good luck when one of the cats dies in the upper floors of that thing.

Source: BuzzFeed

I wish this would have been around back when I had to learn the alphabet! I mean, who wouldn’t want to learn the ABC’s with a cool Star Wars twist?

Source: Flickr

For the hipster, steampunk enthusiasts whom have an Iphone (and lets face, you obviously have an Iphone) here’s a nifty and expensive way to show off your commitment to Apple.

“This EXOvault designed belt buckle case is tooled from solid brass then inlaid with beautiful Pau Ferro wood as an accent along the sides. The lid glides open on stainless steel hinges using a strong earth magnet to keep your iPhone holster firmly shut.”

You can pick one of these up for the asshole cost of $300. Fucking hiptsters with your noses up and heads held low… enjoy this unnecessary accessory. We truly “just don’t understand”.

Source: GeekTyrant


Abraham Lincoln. President, vampire hunter… ghostbuster? Eh, why the hell not? Free the slaves and don’t cross the streams.

Source: Movies.com

Warhammer 40k lore in (about) a minute. I didn’t think it was possible! I didn’t get any of that but it was still fun.

Source: Dorkly


What did you want to be when you were growing up? Maybe a doctor, a rock and roll singer, a superstar! How about a cartoon character? You see, this little boy/girl (I can’t tell) has it all figured out. Unlike the typical little child who dreams of being a all those thing he/he wants to be Voltron. Now that’s something to dream of each night!

Source: TDW

A Dutch site recently held a competition asking people to take a stock PC case —in this case a Corsair 600T—and nerd them up. This Star Wars storm trooper MOD was the clear winner. Well, I dunno if it actually won. It’s the clear winner to me.

Eh, case mods… proving that PC’s still have a purpose. Yes, I am a MAC user, suck it PC loyalists.

Source: Kotaku

Admittedly, I don’t give a shit about Akira. I know the Anime is a landmark film in Japanese animation and I’m also aware what a huge cult following it has. The Manga is arguably better, but that’s neither here or there. Blah! Futuristic post-war cities, biker gangs, secret government stuff and physic powers that turn you into a cyborg blob of trash, just doesn’t do anything for me. So, you can count me in in dropping $1,000 for a replica of the iconic red “capsule” jacket worn by Kaneda in AKIRA. NOT doing it.

Source: NerdCore

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