It’s the middle of the Zombie Apocalypse and wouldn’t you know it, you’ve just fired off the last of your weak ass bullets against your undead foes. Now before you take the pussies way out and shoot yourself before the Zombies can eat your brains, think about this: You could have been prepared, if only you had remembered to pack your Hornady Zombie Max Ammo.

That’s right, ammo designed to be used only against the living dead. How sweet is that? Check out the full sized poster after the jump.

“With the flood of Zombie Targets and shooting events now with Zombie themes, Hornady Manufacturing felt the ONLY ammo worth using was Certified Zombie Ammunition. Hornady has placed it’s own special “Z-Max” Glowing Green Tipped Bullet in a variety of zombie shooting calibers. Hornady estimates shipping all calibers minus the 12ga around Oct 31st, 2011. Have no doubt, this is not a toy! This is live ammunition!

From the hole popping 9mm to the brain busting 308, these rounds are a must for Zombie killer of the future. Hell, if labeling the boxes of ammo “just in case…” at least look at their sales pitch.

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