And Now Hoverboards? Great Scott!

Ok, hold on here. So a few weeks back Nike starts selling the Back To The Future 2 shoes, the Air Mag. Then the DeLorean Motor Company and Epic EV team up to mass-produce a fully electric DeLorean called the DMCEV. Now someone is making honest to goodness hoverboards that can support a grown mans weight? Do not mess with my emotions, internet.

It’s done by using something called Quantum Locking. I googled it, found a page filled with math and science, so it’s got to be legit. Or it’s black magic and we should burn them as witches.

Now, before we get to excited, the boards appear to need rails to run on… for now. Come on science, you have till 2015 to make those babies rail free!

Check out videos of your BTTF Nerd dreams made real after the jump:

Here’s one that’s a bit more sciencey, Google translated from the Dailymotion page, this is the first superconducting skateboard and it was built by researchers at the Materials and Quantum Phenomena Laboratory at the University of Paris Diderot. It uses superconducting levitation, cooled with liquid nitrogen, to levitate a person along five meter rails.

magsurf – skate supraconducteur – hoverboard by mameasson
If you want something even MORE sciencey, the upstanding masters of the internet over at i09 explain Quantum Locking for all you slide ruler jockeys.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I am going to get back to writing a script for “Jaws 19”, hey we’re slowly getting everything else. I want in on this Back To The Future in real life deal.

Source: Geekologie via /Film


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