He’s been the voice of the Joker since 1992. In Batman: The Animated Series, countless video games and other cartoons, hell even that one live action TV show no one watched, Birds of Prey. After a few times where he cried wolf on quitting the character, it looks like this time his last time might actually be his last time.

If you are like the countless other nerds that have skipped work today to stay home and play Arkham City, you might be enjoying Mark Hamill’s last appearance as the voice of the Joker. I have to admit, I am pretty bummed out about this.

From ComputerAndVideoGames.com;

Right near the beginning Mark Hamil said this would be his last Joker portrayal. Do you know if that’s still the case and how do you handle that? It’s quite a big milestone in Batman history.

He said it was going to be hard to top Arkham Asylum and then we presented our plans for Arkham City and he was like “Yeah that sounds pretty awesome,” so…

Never say never?

I think that’s the rule in life generally, yeah.

Hard to believe the young farm boy from Tatooine is now 60, but he is and he wants to concentrate on directing now.

“The deep passion I had once for the spotlight, it diminishes over time,” he told the Daily News during the New York Comic Con this past weekend. “I want to get fat and bald, and not have to hold my stomach in all the time.”


The Joker is quite possibly one of the most complex characters to ever come out of comic books. He leaves room for many different interpretations, from Heath Ledgers sociopath to Jack Nicholson’s “Jack Nicholson in make-up”. It really is impossible to say which one is better than another, but if we were to try, Mark Hamill’s Joker just might be the one.

Thank You Mr Hamill. Oh yea, and If ya gotta go? …Go with a Smile!

source: Bleeding Cool

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