So, the rumors of a Watchmen prequel/sequel are back.  It is officially the comic rumor equivalent of herpes.

Back in 2010 is when word of a possible expansion on the Watchmen story and that DC/Warner Bros. was salivating over the thought of squeezing some more cash out of what is often touted as the industries greatest work. Well, it wasn’t so much a rumor as a bitter truth, Alan Moore came out and said he had been approached, even offered the rights of his DC work back if he did it. He didn’t. Good crazy Englishman, good.

After that, every once and a while talk of the project resurfaces with a different name attached. Grant Morrison has long been mentioned (it was written by a looney Brit, we have another one, right?) Hell, John Bryne once quipped the Rob Liefeld should do it. This past weekend, the evil that is a continuation of the Watchmen reared its ugly head once more, this time at NYCC 2011. Bleeding Cool reports that it might be back on and that DC is already drawing up a wishlist of creators for a series of Watchmen prequel comics. Darwyn Cooke (New Frontier) is apparently at the top of the list and JG Jones, Andy Kubert, Brian Azzerello and even J. Michael Straczynski (I’d rather Liefeld) have been mentioned.

They can’t do this, can they? This is a bad idea… Please tell me that somewhere Alan Moore is waving his wizard stick and calling upon the power of his wicked crazy beard to end this shit, please?

Dear DC Comics. NO ONE WANTS THIS! While I love the book, even enjoyed the movie (hey, I’ve got a thing for awkwardly long airship based sex scenes) I am happy having it as a finite story. Yes, there is an assumed history and mention back story to these characters and their world. Just because it is there, doesn’t mean you have to try and write it. You won’t, and if you try it will fail miserably.

Word has it that the project is going under the code name ‘Panic Room’ – as Bleeding Cool quips “as in that’s where the creators will need to go when the news breaks….” Really? Then call the finished project “Watchmen 2: Public Stoning” because that’s what should happen if this project ever see’s the light of day.

Now, for no particular reason. A picture of what Rob Liefeld’s “The Watchmen 2” might look like.

Source: Bleeding Cool via Blastr, Rob Liefeld’s “The Watchmen 2” found on Watchmeme




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