RUMOR: Matt Smith May Leave ‘Doctor Who’

Ever since Matt Smith became the 11th Doctor of BBC’s hugely popular Doctor Who he has been welcomed with open arms (minus a few HATERS. Hey, Haters gonna hate, right?). He’s no David Tennant , but he made the role of the Doctor his own and Whovians ate it up. After 2 solid series and with a 7th season set to film, could this be the last time we see Matt using a sonic screwdriver?


In a recent interview with VH1, Smith may have inadvertenly admited that his days as The Doctor are in fact numbered. According to SFX “It may be a mere slip of the tongue”, but with series 7 to be filmed in 2012 this could have a lot of Whovians worried.

When VH1 asked him, “When are we going to have you?”, Smith replied,

Well, hopefully soon, you know. I’ve got another year of Doctor Who, but then I’m certainly going to come and give it a shot, come and hang out in LA… as you say, people like Andy [Garfield] have come over, and he’s a mate of mine. I’m very proud to see him doing Spider-Man, ’cause we did a play together, and, you know, Spider-Man now.

“I’ve got another year of Doctor” probably means that his schedule is so tight that he doesn’t have time (no pun intended) to hang out in in LA. However, according to several sites (which I’m too lazy to link), Smiths contract is up in a year. So, it’s reasonable to suspect that we could very we be seeing the regeneration cycle of yet another Doctor.

 I’m sure there is nothing to this off-handed comment. I have no doubt that the idea of Matt Smith leaving (which we’re assholes for speculating) will be debunked before you can say “Bow ties are cool”

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