Ender’s Game Gets Official Release Date

It has been a long time SciFi favorite since it first started to see print as short story back in 1977 in Analog. Then came the novel that expanded the story a bit more, then a series of novels. Earlier this year the thought of an Ender’s Game movie inched closer to being real. Geek Tyrant is reporting that Summit Entertainment has announced the movies official release date. March 15th 2013, with Gavin Hood (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) on the slate as director.

Orson Scott Card, the books author, spoke to Geek Tyrant and gave some insight into the production:

“The problem with the book, as a movie, is that all the important information about ender’s motives comes from internal monologue – his thoughts. Since voiceovers are loathsome, Ender’s actions would remain unexplained, and he would appear to be little more than a violent kid.

Also, the book would make a movie that was at least four hours long. Much has to be cut – including all of Peter’s and Valentine’s online exploits, the mind game, and much of the incidental material before Ender gets into Bonzo’s army.

In short, much will be omitted. But I remain confident that as long as the character of Ender himself, with his relationships with other kids, is in the movie, it will still be Ender’s Game to my own satisfaction and the satisfaction of the fans.

…Whoever plays Ender will almost certainly be an actor you haven’t seen before, and with any luck, a child who has not gone through the soul-numbing process of being cute on camera. In other words, I hope it is a child who never had an agent, but who is very, very intelligent and therefore can take direction.

Here is my own source of greatest confidence: The movie will not erase a single word of the book! That’s how I endure knowing that Peter Jackson committed the repulsive crime of removing the Scouring of the Shire from the Lord of the Rings movie, which is akin to removing the last chapter from EG. THAT, at least, I know will not happen in the EG movie – all the producers understand that the point of the story is finding out that the very thing that allowed Ender to defeat the formics (loving his enemy in order to defeat them) makes his discovery all the more galling to him.”

It is nice to see Card admit the adaption will have to be creative to keep true to the source material. Even if it was just an attempt to bring the original short story to the big screen it would be tough. I’ve re-read his words a couple of times now, to try and reach some level of nerd calm about this movie. I am, as I sure many of you are, excited to see how it all turns out on March 15th, 2013.




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