Confession time, please bear with me because this is difficult, it might take me a few minutes to get this out.

I . . . want to . . . see . . . oh this is hard . . .

this . . . movie.


Whew, that was rough. I feel a little better now though, kinda like that feeling when your really drunk and you have to put your foot on the floor while laying on the bed to keep the room from spinning too fast.

If you have enjoyed any picture or derogatory comment about sparkling vampires at NerdBastards it’s about a 90% chance that I am the source. Really, vampires don’t sparkle. Unless it’s the blood sparkling off their clothes in the pale moonlight. My feelings can be summed up by the pictures below.

Something has happened though. This last Twilight book is so bat-shit crazy that I find myself wanting to see it on screen.

Oh no, I hope this isn’t like broccoli.

You see I hated broccoli as a kid and then tried some as an adult.

Now I love steamed broccoli with a baked potato and steak.

Am I going to start loving Sparkling Vampires now?

Ok, watch the video honeymoon trailer clip below and the one after with the infamous smashed headboard scene teaser. I am going to go watch 30 Days of Night, Blacula, Interview with A Vampire, Let me In, and any other non sparkling vampire movie I can lay my hands on. 

Any suggestions? 



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