‘Tis the season for Tim Burton. I don’t believe any other modern filmmaker has associated themselves so well with Halloween without ever making a horror movie. Unless you count Planet of the Apes, which was pretty horrific. Burton’s creepy yet still lovable style perfectly exemplifies what kids love about Halloween, it’s scary but not “OHMYGODWHEREDIDTHATBLOODYDUDEWITHTHECHAINSAWCOMEFROM” scary.

So, it seems only appropriate as we near this year’s All Hallow’s Eve we get our first sneak peak at Tim Burton’s feature length remake of Frankenweenie. You’re probably familiar with his 1984 short of the same name, the one that apparently got him fired as a Disney animator (which is even weirder because this Frankenweenie is being released by Disney. WTF?).

Frankenweenie is the tale of a young boy, Victor, whose dog, Sparky, is killed in an accident and the grief stricken boy brings him back to life with the power of science. Mad science. The kind involving telsa coils and neck bolts.

What d’ya think? I’m excited for Burton to be working with stop-motion again. Of course, I don’t think anything will ever be as marvelous as The Nightmare Before Christmas, but Corpse Bride was pretty good. Maybe getting to rework an earlier project, one he must have great affection for, will give us the great Tim Burton flick we’ve been missing lately.

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