Matt Smith Is Not Done With ‘Doctor Who’ Yet

Last week, Whovians everywhere were shaking in their little blue police boxes thanks to rumors that next year would be Matt Smith‘s final season on Doctor Who. That’s pretty troubling, as he is one of the most popular Doctors on the BBC series to date, but thankfully Matt will be traveling time and space for a little longer. ‘Cause traveling time and space is cool.

In our previous post about said rumors, Smith told an interviewer that “…I’ve got another year of Doctor Who, but then I’m certainly going to come and give it a shot, come and hang out in LA…”. Needless to say people freaked, could it be that one more year and Matt goes off to hone his acting chops in the good old USA?

Thankfully in a new interview to promote the Doctor Who Series Six DVD set, Smith clarified that he just wanted to visit, not make his trip a permanent stay.

“We work very long hours every day for nine months. The schedule is pretty brutal, but I’d never complain about it. I love playing this role, and I don’t want to give it up anytime soon,” he said.

“I feel very lucky. In the current climate for actors, I’d never say, ‘This is too much’ – quite the opposite, in fact. I’d say, ‘Bring it on’.”

Obviously this settles all the rumors because, as far as Matt is concerned he may be the 11th, but the Doctor is number 1 in his schedule.

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