Is Millar About To Announce Kick-Ass 2?

Let’s start off with a disclaimer. Take the following news with a rather large grain of salt (figuratively of course, a sodium rich diet can lead to high blood pressure and heart problems, we care about your health).

Mark Millar spoke to the Scottish Sun recently and a lot of this seems to be big talk and little fact.

Mark’s sequel to 2010′s Kick-Ass is about to be announced and Top Gun director Tony Scott will make Nemesis – about a criminal mastermind who wreaks havoc on police chiefs around the world — which Millar released as a graphic novel last year.

Couple that with the problems the production has had getting off the ground, not to mention the first one wasn’t the money maker the studio wanted. Hell, even the writer/director Matthew Vaughn said it might not be the greatest idea. Granted, their is whole MAYBE it’s a Hit-Girl movie. Wait, a Nemesis movie? Should we even speculate on that? Is this a wish list or something factual, damn you Scottish Sun, give me something to work with here!

Mark [Millar] also has his sights on breaking onto our TV screens for the first time with the launch of his company Millarworld Productions.

Mark — who has just been given the green light on SIX new Hollywood movies — says: “It would be easy for me to take off and just set up base in Los Angeles.

 For the record, the article was titled “Mark Millar: I want my films to do for Scotland what Lord Of The Rings did for New Zealand” and it was largely a conversational puff piece, just celebrating a local boy done good, they is.

So, let’s just wait and see if this official announcement ever happens. If/when it does, we’ll have it for you.

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