We’ve seen a shit ton (that’s an actual form of measurment) of batastic (yes, I said batastic)  set photos from  The Dark Knight Rises, including characters in costome (Catwoman is so so, Bane’s mask looks like it was modeled after goatsie,) vehicles (Batwing bitches!) and plot revealing sets (Lazarus pit!!). With  shooting currently underway in New York city, there are even more photos to hit the interwebz. These latest series of photos show a behind the scenes look at Christian Bale alongside newcomer to the franchise John Blake, played by Nolan familiar, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

[WARNING: The below may contain spoilers to the story of TDKR]

Guess this pretty much kills the rumor of Gordon playing Robin. One thing though, the kid from third rock from the son looks like he could totally kick the shit out of Bale. When the fuck did he get so jacked?

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