The bright lights, the roar of the crowd, the smell of butterbeer in the air…wait, what?

Harry Potter fan or not, you probably know know about the “sport” of Quidditch, where wizards and witches battle it in the air to catch a golden ball. It’s real life equivalent (yes, it exists) is much less magic. Described as “a cross between rugby, dodge ball and tag.” In short, a bunch of men and women beating their broomsticks together (no really, actual broomsticks.). Anyway, the Quidditch World Cup is upon us.

During the weekend of Nov. 12th and 13th, 100 college and high school teams, from 22 states and four countries (the United States, Canada, Finland and New Zealand), will be battling it out in New York to see who can snatch the snitch first. The United Kingdom would have been involved, but they’ll be freaking out over the release of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows: Part 2 on DVD/BluRay that weekend.

Created by the fans for the fans, the International Quidditch Association is now into it’s fifth Quidditch World Cup. If you haven’t registered a team yet (that’s still in college or high school) then your out of luck. All is not lost though, the event will also hold:

– Over a dozen Live rock bands, Wizard Wrock, Circus sideshows, live owl demonstrations, costumes and more.

– Live commentary on every field from professional improv comedians from the PIT club in NYC.

– Butterbeer, Turkey Legs, Bertie Botts beans, BBQ, chili, hot chocolate, real beer, and many other things your stomach desires.

Quidditch World Cup takes place on Randall Island in New York and can be reached by either car, bus or water taxi. In the meantime all you Potterheads can get all worked up watching the documentary of last year’s Quidditch World Cup and yes, it’s as nerdy as you think it is.

What a bunch of nerds. Where can I sign up?

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