The supreme overlord of The Walking Dead universe, Robert Kirkman, recently talked with MTV News about the differences between the comic book and television series. Or more so, why there are differences. If you’ve read the comic and are watching the show I’m sure you’ve noticed more than a few incongruities between the two. Kirkman even goes as far to refer to this tinkering as him playing “George Lucas” with his stories. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, I don’t think any of us want characters digitally implanted in the third or fourth release of The Walking Dead collector’s edition.

Slight spoilers ahead.

To a certain extent, I’ve told these stories before and I did them my own way in the comic book. I work on the TV show, I’m in the writers room, and it’s fun for me to look at it as a do-over. I can fiddle with things. I can play George Lucas, if you will, and I can think, ‘Well, what would happen if Shane had lived? How would that change things?’

I think after the latest episode, “Save the Last One” (Read our review here!) we can see how having certain characters remain alive will shake things up. Not to spoil too much, but who else was totally shocked by Shane’s recent actions? Granted, at times I still find myself thinking, “Why are you even here?” but I’ve come to accept him as part of the group. After recent events though, oh I am just waiting for this to blow up. Also, anyone whose read the books, do you feel they’re going to show Shane making all these tough choices Rick was shown to deal with later on in the books? Maybe Shane will foreshadow the man Rick becomes? I don’t know, just some discussion ideas pouring out of my brains.

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