It’s Live! It’s Five! Grand Theft Auto!

The Trailer for Rockstar games very anticipated hooker beatdown simulator is officially on the net. It confirms the rumors that we’re heading back to Los Satos (Los Angeles) and will even get a chance to shoot the hell out of Vinewood (the stand-in for Hollywood).

The Narration clues us in that the protagonist is trying go clean, retire from crime and, be a good dad.  Safe to assume that he’s is less than successful, but I would applaud Rockstar if they did a 180 on us and made it a game about staying on the straight and narrow. You get a menial job, avoid your former criminal buddies, never break the law. Press X to meet with parole officer. I wouldn’t play the game, but I would be amused.

GTA V’s release date is TBA.

You can check it out for yourself after the jump.

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