In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Ridley Scott spoke about the progress of his upcoming film that is somehow connected to the world of Blade Runner. Up until now we weren’t sure what this film was. Prequel? Sequel? Spin-off? Now, Scott has told the WSJ this movie is, “likely to be a sequel.”

Umm. Okay. He also went on to say,

I think I’m close to finding a writer that might be able to help me deliver. We’re quite a long way in, actually.

So, no writer has been hired meaning they’re can’t even be a script yet, but they’re, “quite a long way in.” Yeah, sure, this makes perfect sense. Why did they even print these answers? Honestly, journalism these days.

Anyway, Scott is currently balls deep in another film, Prometheus, which is what grew from the long rumored Alien prequel. Who knows, maybe a Blade Runner sequel isn’t an absolutely ridiculous prospect. Yeah, okay, I know it is, but we’ll let the man keep dreaming.

On whether or not we’d see the return of Rick Deckard, Harrison Ford‘s character, “No, not really,” Scott said. Whew! This I’m glad about. I don’t need Ford showing up, reminding us of  the good movies he made prior to the mid-90s and all the craptacular ones he makes now. (Except Cowboys & Aliens, I thought that movie was a lot of fun, screw what head of Universal, Ron Meyer said)

Excited for another film in Blade Runner‘s world? Come on, convince me how this movie won’t suck.

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