Back in 1979, possibly one of the greatest Australian ever came in form of the film Mad Max. Followed by Road Warrior and (the disapointing) Beyond Thunderdome, Director George Miller entrenched himself as the go-to guy for high octane post-apocalyptic cinematic mayhem. How do you follow that? By making movies about talking animals apparently. Damn it.

Well, the good news is Miller has always wanted to continue his tales from the Wasteland, the bad news is whenever he starts, something else stops it.

While on stumping for a movie he made about dancing penguins (Happy Feet 2), Miller told Coming Soon the plan is to ‘theoretically’ start production on a new Mad Max movie next year.

“Theoretically, it’s next year,” Miller said of Fury Road, which plans to place Tom Hardy in the role originated by Mel Gibson. “We have 150 big vehicles built and so on.”

“[W]e were all geared up for that,” Miller recalled. “We were all set to shoot in the Australian desert and then unprecedented rain came and what was the wasteland — completely flat, red earth — is now a flower garden. The big massive salt flats in the center of Australia where they do record speed trials and stuff is now full of pelicans and fish… We sort of lost the wasteland.”

Though the hope is to move forward in 2012, Miller was quick to point out that it’s impossible to know when a movie is going to happen until the camera is actually rolling.

“You know, John Lennon said, ‘Life is what happens when you’re making other plans’”, Miller smiled. “Films keep on coming out of my head and I never know what film I’m going to make next. Common and I were going to work on a ‘Justice League’ movie together. He was cast as Green Lantern and it was almost greenlit when it fell away. I fell in love with the guy and I called him up and said, ‘You can’t play the Green Lantern, but how about playing a penguin?’”

Mad Max: Fury Road and Mad Max: Furiosa, two new back-to-back post-apocalyptic scripts Miller wants to film, have the attached interests of Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron. Personally, I think one has a snowball in hells chance of being made, let alone two. I also really want them to be made, oh the complex human emotions.

Source: Coming Soon


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