This past August, Evil Dead and Burn Notice star, Bruce Campbell tweeted he would be in Sami Raimi‘s adaptaion of The Wizard of Oz. In his original tweet he said: “I. Am. In. Oz. Sam refuses to tell me what character I will portray. Just know that the role is pivotal.” Apparently, his cameo in OZ: The Great and The Powerful  wasn’t as pivitol as he thought, as it has been cut from the film.

You’d think the chin killa’  would be a bit hurt over the loss of his scene, but he’s a good sport about it. Here’s his latest tweet:

Guess being friends with Raimi, not to mention being a cameo in all 3 of his Spider-man movies means jack and shit. I’d expect this sort of thing to happen to Sam’s little brother Ted Raimi, but not Brucey.

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