“It’s time to start the music…”

I don’t care who you are, child, adult, serial killer, you freakin’ love The Muppets. Everyone does.

The Muppets will make a triumphant return to the big screen this year with their new flick opening November 23rd. The internet has been awash in Muppet goodies, particularly their parody trailers, and the Muppets themselves have been making appearances everywhere, even on a recent episode of WWE Raw. Yeah, The Muppets appeared on a wrestling program.

Today is one of the first bits we’ve seen from the actual film. Sure, we’ve seen a few snippets in the trailers but much of their promotional stuff has been the awesome original material. This clip is the opening number of the movie called, “I’ve Got Everything That I Need.” A delightful opening to what I’m hoping will be a sensational film.

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