Nerdy Epic Meal Time: The McLennium Falcon Vs Dessert Star

The weekend is almost here, what will YOU be eating?

Personally, I might be taking a que from Nerdy Epic Meal Time created by close, personal friend Valerie “Sexy Nerd Girl” Lapomme (that is, I just found out about her and she is awesome and she doesn’t even know I am alive, damn it… it’s like high school all over again).

Remember a month or so ago when Epic Meal Time hit the net and was cool for a day or two? Lapomme took the idea and made it better, or at the very least nerdier and sexier.

Check out her “The McLennium Falcon Vs Dessert Star” video after the jump. I’m off to Costco to get a 10 or so liters of Mayo and Thousand Island Dressing.

Oh, by the way, Valerie is very stalkable on the internet, she has a twitter, a YouTube channel, a website, facebook … all I need now is to find out where and when she picks up her dry cleaning and… I’ve said to much.



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