First Full ‘Hunger Games’ Trailer

We get our first solid look at the new movie The Hunger Games with the release of the first full trailer. Hearing Woody Harrelson give advice as Haymitch (Katniss’s Tribute advisor) was great and the scene when Katniss signaled the camera with the District Twelve gesture and the common people of District 12 watching responded . . . I got chills. It was a huge scene in the book and it looks like they might just carry it off in the movie as well.

Donald Sutherland doing an over voice as President Snow explaining the history of the games is chilling as well. He should do more of that kind of work, his voice has that Morgan Freeman like quality.

The sets and production values look pretty good, the hard destopic life of the districts with a transition (the train) to the lavish, modern, high tech world of District One. I am not sold on the short look we got at Cinnna – Lenny Kravitz. I don’t remember thinking that the character was that somber in the beginning.

What were your first impressions of the trailer? Let the rest of us NerdBastards know!

The release date is March 23 2012.

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