We were so close to seeing a reboot of The Crow. 28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo was set to helm the re-imagining of the mid-90s pop culture classic. Hangover hero, Bradley Cooper, was pegged to star as the goth king Erik Draven. However, both Juan and Cooper have since flown the coup. With Juan and Cooper out, the project is on a definite hiatus.

Helping us imagine what could have been, is some nifty concept art by Diego Lattore . His conceptualization depicts the same dark tone of the original. It also shows what Bradley’s final look as the Crow may have looked like.

Judging by the looks of thing,  this wasn’t going to be as similar to the original as people first thought, there’s not even a glimpse of fetish gear anywhere.  It’s a shame that Bradley passed on this project, it could have made him a bigger action star then his work in the A-Team reboot.

Latorre has done work for films like The Hulk, Fringe, Dante’s Inferno and the upcoming (but much delayed) Batman Europa and you can see more at DiegoLatorre.com.

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