Don’t Tease Me DC Nation

When Green Lantern: The Animated Series premiered Friday night (which, btw was surprisingly good), I only caught a glimpse of this trailer. I picked that moment to go to the fridge, damn it. Well, luckily the internet has delivered, the tease trailer for next years DC Nation block on the Cartoon Network is on DC’s YouTube channel. Oh has it delivered.

It flips past with quick cuts fast as hell, but there is a lot to get excited about. In addition to the shows Green Lantern and Young Justice, we see avery anime looking Batman (that almost makes up for the horrible looking Beware The Batman), a tie in to the video game Gotham City Imposters, Teen Titans à la Tiny Titans, Lego Batman, CLAYMATION BATMAN… sorry, was getting excited again. The teaser also has a few shots recycled from unseen pilots or test footage, the live action Blue Beetle and  the Andy Suriano and Tom Kenny (Sponge Bob Square Pants) produced Plastic Man.

That is just a taste, oh why I am explaining it to you, watch it for yourself after the jump.

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