The Interwebz is a great place for nerdy art and the like. A lot of the time it’s fuckin’ weird shit like a Wampa sucking off a Rancor and shit like that. But there are a lot of awesome things that we see on a daily basis, and we’re lazy nerd bastards so we just round them all up once a week for your nerdgasm glory.

Artist Derek Hass has created this neato superhero art which lines up something from the characters costume and their civilian attire. Each piece has been given a nice little worn down vintage style simplistic design. If you’re a sucker for prints, you can buy the likes of Spider-Man, Wolverine, The Hulk, Batman and more by clicking here.

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The Men of Firefly in an art Nouveau style by Megan Lara is, shall we say…shiny. Each poster has a few key identification points. Wash gets dinosaurs, and Simon’s poster references the Osiris Medical Academy.

You can pre-order your set of five posters for a ship date of November 28 ($34.95).

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In a galaxy long, long ago…these became the cutest things your nerdy lady friends have ever seen. Created by user lucyravenscar, these plush Star Wars creations has everyone from Luke Skywalker to Chewbacca himself.

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I always thought Trapjaw was a retarded oaf with an arm cannon, never took him seriously. Nerd Artist Dave Rapoza turns Skeletor’s evil warrior into a fucking nightmare. Imma gonna go now.

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What do you get when you cross the iconic story of Harry Potter with the wise cracking wisdom of Evil Dead‘s Ashley J. Williams? You get the single greatest image on a t-shirt of all time (second to owing you very own Nerd Bastards tee, exclusively from created by deviantart user Chesheyre.

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This is why the Justice League is the greatest super hero team of all time, unlike those pussies in X-men or the Fantastic Four, these heroes know how to party. Drawn by Halifax local and magician artist Mike Holmes, The Flash shows you how things go down in the Watchtower.
Via: Mike Holmes Draws

The colors, there so…so…brown? The costs to produce Joss Whedon‘s Firefly may have been t0o much, but as an animated series it may have found it’s touch. Hell, just to see artist Otis Frampton draw Summer Glau as Serenity would be worth the money. Check out more of Otis’ work here.

Via: Geek Tyrant

Stormtroopers are the enemy. However, just like in any war the soldiers, no matter their side, are people too … people with pet bunnies. With paintings of Star Wars characters holding fluffy bunnies, artist Kelly Kerrigan is ensuring the galaxy far far away is a cute one.

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I have often looked at Stormtroopers as the enemy, at least up until now.

Ever wonder what the Harry Potter series would have looked like if Disney had gotten it’s mouse-like death grip on it, Mike Mitchell has and it looks awesome. Professor Slughorn and a young Tom Riddle, years before his “He who shall not be named” nickname, blended almost seamlessly into Walt’s now iconic style of cartooning. Wait 5 years, with the popularity of the series looking like it won’t die down anytime soon this could happen.
Via: Tablet Monkey

These look delicious, do they not? These Yodal cakes may only be a drawing, but deviantart user wytrad8 makes you want to head to the store and demand this yummy looking concoction get put into production! No matter how many droids must work, the treats must be made.
Via: deviantart

And finally, why not end the evening with E.T. getting high?  This extra terrestrial may have been wanting to go home, but thanks to Earth’s biggest plant he’ll be staying a bit longer. Art by by former Nerd Bastards contributor and artist extraordinaire Blake Stevenson.
Via: Jetpacks and Roller Skates

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