Call me cynical but whenever I’m playing a game online and I see female characters, I assume about 97% of them are weird old fat guys in a basement somewhere pretending to be a chick. Well, I guess I am all kinds of wrong because a new survey from Gamehouse conducted last month says that more than half (55% in fact) of online gamers (on computers, consoles, social networking sites, or mobile devices) are women.

The crap, really? When did they take over?

Oh and it doesn’t stop there, not only are there more female gamers, they are also better than their non-female gamer counterparts. They have more sex, better social lives and are just generally happier. Is there anyway we can have this sky written or something? Everyone must learn of these amazing facts!

You can check the infographic out after the jump.

source: Geek Tyrant


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