Kit Harrington, the dude who plays Jon Snow on Game of Thrones, might be the next King Arthur.

Warner Bros. has its eyes on him to play King Arthur in upcoming film, Arthur And Lancelot.  Joel Kinniman will be playing Lancelot, and David Dobkin is down to write and direct the movie.  Charles Roven, Richard Suckle and Lionel Wigram will also be producing, with filming set to start in early 2012.

Apparently Kinniman’s audition was great enough to warrant being offered the role pretty much immediately, while Harrington had to re-audition with Sam Claflin and Richard Maddon, who were also up for the role of King Arthur.

I wonder what they’ll do differently with this film.  To be honest, I’m getting rather sick of King Arthur films.  There’s gotta be something to this one that makes it stand out above the others.

Source: Variety

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