Hogwarts Walk of Shame

We never really got to see the other side of Hogwarts, the pantie raids, the keggers, and don’t get me started on the hazing that must be taking place. Put a thousand adolescent teens into one place and you know someone is gonna get lucky. Throw in the ability to make love potions and spells and you know some hanky panky is going on.

Ginny and Dana of YouTube group Notliterally put together this musical video about the morning after. When you wake up and take that walk of shame back to your dorm feeling that everyone knows what you did last night.

Hello daylight, my old friend.
I’ve gone and done it yet again.
And in the early morning light I see,
A Hufflepuff boy sleeping next to me.
Last night he seemed cute but now I’m thinking I was cursed.
But it gets worse.
It’s time to take the walk of shame.

And from his creaky bed I creep.
Oh Merlin’s beard please stay asleep.
The dungeon’s never seemed so far away.
I haven’t brushed my teeth since yesterday.
What I left in his room might make this my last hurrah: my wonder bra.
I must regret this walk of shame.

I see a prefect on the stair.
I can’t avoid her knowing glare.
And I see figures moving through the fog.
The quidditch team out for their morning jog.
Then a gust of wing comes and blows my skirt over my ears.
The whole team cheers.
They know my past walks of shame.

But now I’m home so I don’t care.
I brush the sandwich from my hair.
As I approach my bed I hear a snore.
My roommate’s in it with some Gryffindor.
How thick her butterbeer goggles must have been
To sleep with him.
His turn to take the walk of shame.


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