As the grand opening approaches, the news flies at you fast and furious with explosions and slow motion pans… Sorry, just felt I had to Micheal Bay it up a little since we are talking about Transformers: The Ride.

Yes, we’ve seen some clips and photos before, however now we have more clips to look, but these are from inside the ride itself, that has to count for something. Right?

First, a rather long but good montage of news pieces on the attraction.

More videos after the jump.

Here’s another clip that is a little more in depth, via the official Transformers: The Ride Blog:

Even if you have never owned a Transformers action figure, or watched a single installment of the TRANSFORMERS films, don’t fret! The queue lines are built to transport you into the world of TRANSFORMERS and immerse you into the story from the moment you step in. That’s why we call it the Pre-Show!

Lastly, here is a commercial for the ride, complete with gravely voice over and quick edits.


If you want to check it out, the official launch day is right around the corner on the 3rd of December, however it is at Universal Studios: Singapore, so you might want to pack a lunch.

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