And it’s a crappy, merchandise tie-in, PEZ dispenser. What? I’m not surprised by the coming promotional, merchandising bonanza surrounding The Amazing Spider-man. I’m not shocked by PEZ dispensers molded to look like Spidey and his nemesis, The Lizard. I am a little taken aback that the first time we see him, in full on lizard mode, is as a PEZ dispenser. How lame.

This photo evidence, which I guess could be a fake but looks like a pretty accurate, crappy PEZ dispenser to me, was discovered by an anonymous fan. They then shared it with the internet masses ensuring anyone and everyone would see it before the day was done. But I’m going to stress we don’t pay too much attention to this little bit of molded plastic. While we can see he’s without his signature lab coat and apparently sporting a very nice bib, it is only a generic piece of crappy candy merchandise. I don’t think we can look on this as our first real look at The Lizard.

I will say this, they’ve guaranteed however their final Lizard looks we’ll appreciate it. Because it’s not this.

What do you guys think? Is this a fair first look at Rhys Ifans‘ Lizard?

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