Even though the last time we heard from George Miller it didn’t sound totally positive for one new Mad Max movie, let alone the second he’s mentioned a few times, apparently he has a third planned too. I’ll admit when I first heard talk of a new chapter in the story of the wastelands, I got excited. I damn near spilled Crystal Pepsi all over my brand new discman… Seriously Mr. Miller, it has been a damn long time, just make the freakin movie already!

As it stands right now, Mad Max: Road Fury (or Fury Road according to some) might start filming early next year in Namibia and will star Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron. After which Miller wants to drop right into making Mad Max: Furiosa. His wild Australian ambition doesn’t stop there, as he recently told the Financial Times.

“We started with [Fury Road], but we then started to do a second story and a third. We’ve written the script for the second and almost finished the third. We never intended to, they were part of the exploration of the characters.”

But wait, he has more? Miller also wants to bring the world of the Road Warrior to the realm of video games, with the recently reformed (and now Miller owned) Team Bondi, better known as those angels that gifted the world with LA Noire. I support this mad man 100%. I am also keeping myself prepared for bitter disappointment, since Fury Road/Road Fury still has had its share of problems. Delays due to locations being rained out and wastelands being replaced with lush foliage, damn you mother nature.

“We were out at Broken Hill with a huge number of massive vehicles – they were built and parked for almost a year there. Some of them are back here, in secret locations not far from here. A full Australian crew picks up and goes there to shoot the desert scenes, and comes back here to do other scenes, then all the post-production and digital work is done here.”

Here’s something very positive. Producer Doug Mitchell calls the budget of Fury Road ‘massive.’

If it’s above $100 million it’s a big budget. This is a bigger budget. People have speculated around $200 million [which] I’d neither deny nor confirm. It’s a massive film.

So, a ‘massive’ film, whatever, and its still rolling. Ok, I am game to have high hopes on this. If done right, everything will be forgiven for George making Babe and Happy Feet movies when he should have been working on this. I wonder if  he plans to follow the pattern of the first trilogy. Make a really good movie, followed by one of the greatest of all time, followed by… ugh. Sorry, I know its been years but I still can’t get beyond Thunderdome.

Think the 3 new movies will happen? Two? Even just one? How about the video game? Personally, I wonder what else Miller might try to add to the franchise. I have this half done treatment for “The Young Lord Humungus Chronicles” that just might work on cable TV…


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