Yesterday we showed off our first look at Rhys Ifans‘ The Lizard from The Amazing Spider-Man. It was a PEZ dispenser. It looked like this,

Yeah. Whoo. Really awesome, right? No. It was completely and utterly lame and probably the worst way you could reveal your newly designed villain. Of course, I doubt this was Sony‘s plan. The PEZ image was apparently leaked by a fan. But regardless of how it got out, it got out. Now they need to show us The Lizard not molded in plastic, ready to pop a PEZ at a moments notice.

This is more like it,

This is supposedly concept art for The Lizard’s new look. It comes from Spider-Media, and you know what? It does look like the face on the PEZ dispenser. Again, the toy is crappy bit of plastic, but I do think I see the resemblence between it an the concept art. I also can’t help but think this guy looks more like DC’s Killer Croc than The Lizard.

What do you think? Is this how The Lizard will appear in The Amazing Spider-Man?

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