In every game there is that one NPC that the game developers create just to frustrate you and make you break perfectly good controllers (and possibly TVs). The reasoning behind their madness is unknown but it has been this way since the very first games back in the day. These enemies are the frustrating jerks who take all the cheap shots and break all the rules of civil gaming.

Metroid – Metroid

That’s right! One of gaming most iconic enemy characters is also one of the most annoying. These floating brains with teeth will swarm you and take you out from every direction. Every time you shoot one, there’s another and when they do reach you, they’ll latch on and take you down nice and slow. While there are several other enemies who act in the same manner, the Metroids are the most notable and definitely the best known as the things we all hate the most.

Hammer Bros. – Super Mario Bros.

We have another extremely well known video game enemy right here. It’s really unfortunate how many of our longest lasting enemies in games are also some of the most annoying. All the turtles in the land of Super Mario are pathetically easy…and they know it. They have no attacks and rarely are used as anything but a jump pad to something more worth while. These guys are the turtles that had had enough of Mario. They decided to pick up hammers and create the most hated attack pattern ever: the arch. These guys lob hammers in an arch, making it very hard for you to maneuver through and jump on them. That’s like having to jump on the end of a cannon while cannon balls are periodically being fired out of it. That’s suicide!

Cliff Racers – Morrowind

Morrowind was the largest game in the Elder Scrolls series and paved the way for the widely popular Oblivion. Morrowind had a ton of classes, weapons, spells, and enemies, most of which were completely fine and posed a decent threat…except for the Cliff Racers. Cliff Racers are prehistoric bird creatures that basically follow you for the longest time before you realize they’re following you, and then they strike in groups that sometimes seem too large to count before they reach you. They will surround you, peck out your eyes, dive bomb your remains, and fly off like it never happened. Oh that’s classy, guys… real classy.

ReDead – Ocarina of Time

The ReDeads are the creatures that scared young Zelda gamers when the first night fell near Hyrule Castle. Seeing these things lumbering around definitely caused wet pants but for older gamers…they still caused wet pants but also frustrated, sweaty palms. ReDeads drag themselves slowly towards you and pose no threat if you can maneuver around them but the second you get too close, they’ll latch on and start sucking the life out of you. I’m not going to lie; I thought I was being raped the first time to be completely honest. You did too, don’t lie.

Will-o-the-Wisp – Oblivion

Apparently this wouldn’t be an “annoying enemy” list without more games by Bethesda. Will-o-the-Wisps originated long before Bethesda’s games were created but the company itself really made them into something a lot more frustrating. These ghost like wisps can only be damaged by magic or silver so if you’re not a spell caster and don’t happen to always carry around silver or enchanted weapon, you’re basically screwed real hard. The wisps can teleport around and as soon as they get close, they’ll start draining attributes and health and bringing them into any town or city means instant chaos as townsfolk try to fight them and get killed in the process. It can screw up a file real fast and cause less experienced gamers to wonder, “What the hell just happened?”

Cazadore – Fallout: New Vegas

Ask almost anyone you see and you’ll find that they all hate insects. They’re small, annoying and many bite you for no apparent reason. They’re a nuisance, but the Cazadore is really something else on the “annoying insect” scale. Through the first bit of Fallout: New Vegas, the landscape seems to be pretty fair, with the occasional mutated scorpion or the occasional misguided Powder Ganger but many players met a brick wall when they accidentally stumbled upon the Cazadores. There are certain canyons and docks where Cazadores nest and resides in large groups. These are extremely fast and powerful insects and taking down an entire nest when they spot you out of nowhere isn’t an easy task. It can prove quite impossible for many players with nothing more then a couple pistols and a rifle. Wasteland Rule #1: Beware the Cazadores!

Poison Headcrabs – Half-Life 2

The Half-Life series is awesome, and there’s just no debating that. That’s not to say that the series doesn’t have its share of annoyances…nothings perfect. A species of creepy monsters known as Headcrabs exists in the world of Mr. Freeman. They’re spidery little creatures that jump around and attempt to eat your face…and take over your body but there is one variation of the Headcrabs that really annoys more then any other; the Poison Headcrab. While Headcrabs jump at you and slowly take down your health while you attempt to get them in your crosshairs, the Poison Headcrabs take you down to the brink of death the second they touch you, meaning if you’re hit by literally anything else before your health recovers, you’re done. That’s a cheap shot right there.

Ghost Fish – Ninja Gaiden

Ninja Gaiden is chalked full of annoying enemies. It’s no secret that the game’s number one rule is to always be defending. If you’re not pressing the attack button, you better have that block button held down. Its style is actually quite satisfying for a lot of gamers and as seen as more of a fun challenge then an annoyance but there is some enemies that just pi$$ off even the most skilled Ninja Gaiden players such as…the Ghost Fish. These transparent fish float through the air and attack in packs…like all cheap enemies. It’s really hard to block all their attacks since they are very fast and will attack from all directions and as soon as your guard goes down, they’ll be on you like piranhas on a steak. Have fun watching your life bar rapidly decrease while you frantically button mash your sweat-covered controller.

Medusa Heads – Castlevania

This may just be the most annoying enemy ever put into a video game. The Medusa Heads have been around since the earliest days of Castlevania and have, unfortunately, managed to stand the test of time and will still be found in the series’ modern titles. They floating heads will come in infinite waves across the screen, bobbing up and down as they make they’re way across the screen. The strangest part is that they don’t go out of their way to attack you or anything like that. They’re just floating by, minding their own business…and still manage to touch you in midair as you’re trying to make that jump for the hundredth time.

Malboro- Final Fantasy X

TheFinal Fantasy series is one of the longest and vastest in the world of gaming. Hundreds of enemies have come and gone since the very first Final Fantasy back in ’87 and Malboro is one of the handful that have made it through almost every title in the series. This big ass plant-like creature is the dirtiest fighter you’ll ever come across. Upon running into a battle with Malboro, it will usually strike first and cast it’s “Bad Breath” on your party, causing a variety of negative status effect that vary from game to game. Side effects of Bad Breath can include, but are not limited to: confusion, darkness, silence, poison, slow, mini, and sleep.

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