The guy who breathed life into Hugh Jackman‘s Rock ’em Sock ’em Robot movie will now do the same for the latest sensational Stan “the Man” Lee find! Ok, Stan Lee really hasn’t a ‘sensational find’ in decades, but lets give him a chance on this one.

According to Showblitz Real Steel and Bourne Legacy scribe Dan Gilroy will adapt a concept developed by Lee at his POW! Entertainment which was then acquired by Magic Storm who envision The Annihilator as a studio-level picture capable of appealing to Asian and global audiences. Don’t know who The Annihilator is?

Well there is more after the jump, true believer.

The Annihilator‘s namesake is a man of Chinese heritage who “is given a second chance as an international superhero and returns home to mete out justice.” Presumably, that means the character will be an ordinary person who gains extraordinary abilities (like many other Lee-created superheroes) and not someone who is resurrected from the dead with unnatural powers

So… he’s the Crow, just this time he looks like a taller and less hairy Wolverine? Ok… The dude we can assume is the bad guy, um, because he is on the left. As Gilroy himself puts it “Stan’s created a ground-breaking superhero for our globalized world. The story spans cultures and continents in thrilling, character-driven style. Stan is straight-up at the top of his game and it’s a joy to have a hand in bringing this to the screen.” While we’re posting fluffy soundbites, Magic Storm CEO Mika adds “We could not be more pleased than to have Dan Gilroy come aboard to write this exciting script for our film. Dan’s knowledge and creative mind will undoubtedly create a strong base for a new franchise to the super hero genre world-wide.”

So, with Lee nearing his 90th birthday we see another off the wall creation of his come to light. Think this will be his next Spiderman? or is just another Heroman (Stan’s sci-fi manga/anime creation) or worse… another Governator.



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