The 2011 Video Game Awards aired last night on Spike. It only took two years, but they’ve gone and turned into MTV. Flashy, scripted, pompous; a marketing machine masked as an awards show. And what the hell was Charlie Sheen doing there? The show was less about the awards themselves, more of a “look what’s next” showcase. This isn’t to say host Zachary Levi wasn’t charming and funny, which he was; getting tea bagged by a COD solider was the balls (literally and figuratively). Or seeing Felicia Day slice real fruit with ninja sword for charity wasn’t amusing and HAWT. Or that the awards for best character and game of the year weren’t justified; Joker from Arkham City and Skyrim where the right choices. The problem? It didn’t feel like a celebration for games and it’s creators. It was was all procedural and superficial. The whole night was just a big commercial for upcoming titles. Eh, I guess it is what it is. So…the trailers were plentiful. And I’ll admit, most were epic. I’m still hard from the Diablo III and Metal Gear Rising previews.

For your viewing please, NB rounded up all the exclusive trailers from last nights VGA’s. Enjoy.

Bioshock Infinite

After two hugely successful Bioshock Games, developer Irrational Games is at it again with… Bioshock Infinite. They haven’t revealed much of the story outside of the setup, but the trailer looks great and features a fantasy cover of the hymn “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?”. The chick with the lovely lady cleave is nice to look at too.

Diablo III

The opening cinematic for Diablo III debuted last night, featuring the falling of more than one star and the passing of a torch from uncle to niece. It was a fantasy introduction to the world at hand. Blizzard puts down an insane amount of time and detail in to their CGI videos. Pure polished artistic direction. Eye candy at it’s finest.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

The Transformers movies (especially 2 and 3) sucked because they didn’t try to be true to the original characters and models and essence of what made transformers cool/fascinating. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron looks as though it will pay proper homage to the autobots/decepticons. This new trailer shows a lot of emotion, conveying a great sense of despair. And the nod Grimlock gives Optimus was the best!.  I just hope the game itself offers un-boring none-stop action.


The makers of Gears of War 3 revealed their newest game. Called Fortnite, it appears to expand on the fortification/tower defense mechanics introduced in Gears of War 3 with an all-new art style. It’s rather goofy and childish, which is totally not what you’d expect from this developer. This is going to be good or bad based entirely on the gameplay.

The Last of Us

Zombies have over saturated the video game market. It’s increasingly hard to deliver something new and refreshing. But the cinematic for the Last of Us does just that. Father and Daughter ransacking, living, surviving in word rule by the dead. At least I think they’re dead. I honestly don’t know what those crazed flesh people eating people are, I would assume they are zombies. The cinematic was fantastic, tense and intriguing. I do hope this isn’t another Dead Island dupe. That zombie experience failed to live up to its emotional trailer.

Amazing Spider-Man

Created as a tie-in to the feature length film, The Amazing Spider-Man will allow players to freely roam the landscape of New York City, from Manhattan straight into the depths of the city sewers. And fight hordes of stupid Oscorp robot drones plaguing the city along the way. Oi! I kinda wish they’d just do away with the silly plots and just let me swing about Manhattan in peace.

Rainbox Six: Patriots

Told from the terrorists’ perspective, this is the debut trailer for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Patriots. To be honest, I find this game offensive. That’s saying something, because nothing offends me. I haven’t read up on the game so I could be wrong, but from what I see in the trailer,  you’re playing as a US militia that targets government targets. Over throwing the government is one thing, but blowing up helpless people on the street? It’s meaningless violence. I don’t get it. Maybe the eventual point of the game is you’re supposed to be sided against them. Regardless, it’s stupid and so wrong considering where at a tipping point with this OWS business.

Alan Wake

This is Alan Wake: American Nightmare, the downloadable sequel to Remedy’s 2010 narrative game for the Xbox 360. In it, the protagonist author Alan Wake fights against his murderous doppleganger. I hear nothing but good comments from the first game, but this sequel sounds so dumb. Seriously, with a villain named Mr. Scratch, I can’t help but think of this as a bad Disney trip.

Mass Effect 3

A gigantic bug fornicating with a massive robot hell-bent on destruction is not what I expected to see in a ME trailer, but here it is. I’m a huge fan of RPGs, and I still love the direction Mass Effect has been taking. Even if it is bug on robot sex.

Metal Gear Solid Rising

Raiden returns to get himself a new slice of life in his very own chapter of the Metal Gear saga! I wasn’t expecting this….it’s not the usual Metal Gear. MGS is about Stealth and Story. This is just button bashing. But you know, I’m glad it fucking happened, it looks freaking BAD ASS EPIC. The MSG franchise was getting stale, a new concept like this will revitalize it. I’m sure all the fans are gonna be massively disappointing, but I think it looks great for what it is. Just think of it as a completely different game set in a familiar universe.

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