And…it hardly looks like anime. At least to me, and I’m no expert but nothing here pops to me with the style and expected tropes of an anime property. Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker, a collaboration between EA and Funimation, is CG animation as opposed to cell and that could very well be the reason for the non-anime feel. Regardless, the action looks great and like any Dragon Age property as long as they tell a compelling story with plenty of blood-spraying, hack ‘n’ slash fighting, I’m in.

Take a look at the preview below as well as some interviews with some people involved with the project. Sorry I’m not up on my Japanese or I might know who these folks are but I’m sure they worked really hard and are totally proud of the movie.

So, we’ve got some video games, a web series and now an anime set in the world of Ferelden. Do you think a live-action film could be down the road?

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