For those of you who really enjoyed The Muppets, we’ve got a bunch of news for you!  We’ve got two great videos for you, and there may very well be a sequel in the future.

When the Hollywood Reporter asked about the status of a potential sequel, producer Todd Lieberman replied:

We’ve been discussing the potential for something. We don’t know what it is or anything about it, it just started coming up recently — very early, nascent discussions of something potential that I wouldn’t even say is definitely going to happen.

Basically: no answer.  We’ll just have to see.

Hit the jump for the videos we’ve got for you!

Now, we have a video from the SoundWorks Collection to show you just how complicated this movie was on the auditory front.

And here we have the music video for one of the songs from the movie, “Man or Muppet”. There are film spoilers, so be careful when watching this!

Clearly, a very manly muppet.

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