Sony Pictures Entertainment and Escape Artists, two companies that have come together to make such films as Seven Pounds and The Pursuit of Happyness, have recently announced a list of non-Will Smith movies they plan to make together. I won’t bore you with anything other than the two that caught our eye. (If you want to read about remakes of Swedish movies or vacant comedies, try googling ‘s#!t Nerd Bastards doesn’t care about‘)

First, how about Denzel Washington in a adaption of the 80’s action television series The Equalizer. If you don’t know the show (it did run for only 4 seasons, and those ran before a lot of you were born) daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn I think they might be making a good call here.  Weird, but good. The Equalizer was about an aging vigilante in New York with a mysterious past and even more mysterious vaguely British accent. (here is the TV intro) Now get out your trusty grain of salt because the press release states it is being developed with Denzel ‘in mind‘. That’s industry speak for ‘can someone please ask him for us?’

The other project of note? Master’s of the Freakin’ Universe, baby (aka, Masters of the Universe) and it is about damn time. I know the property has at the bejubus beat out of it. Yes, the original action figure/comic book/cartoon combo from the 80’s was great, but after the live action movie, a couple of  cartoons and some lame toys (seriously, He-Man, with short hair..? Screw you.)

I know it’s really not a lot to go on, but I am excited at even the thought of these two projects. Hell, I half want to send Sony $18 bucks purely from the enjoyment I extracted from reading their vagueness.


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