These may not be the most thrilling behind-the-scenes photos, and honestly one looks like a shot from Peter Jackson‘s Middle Earth vacation album, but there’s a lot of buzz around The Hobbit and any Hobbit news is good news. Check out the four new images below featuring Martin Freeman and a box, the excitement of crew members moving metal stuff and a really great shot of Nori. At least I think it’s Nori, I might need to watch the trailer a few more times to be sure.

Speaking of trailers, fan and filmmaker, Samuel Smith has re-cut The Hobbit trailer to his liking, in what may actual be a superior edit of the material. Smith said, “I was a tad bit disappointed with the editing and the style of the new Hobbit trailer so I decided to make the trailer the way I would have done it. ”

And it’s pretty damn good. Like I said, it might even better than the original. To give it a watch click on over to today’s Nerdy Bits.

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