John Barrowman, known to many as Captain Jack Harkness from Doctor Who and Torchwood, is one talented fella. He can do the action thing, y’know, firing big guns and jumping from explosions, but he’s also a talented stage performer, a great dancer and one hell of a singer. Why nobody’s booked him and Hugh Jackman for a movie where they sing, dance and kick ass is beyond me.

During a live concert in January of 2010 Barrowman sang the 70s theme songs to Spider-Man and Wonder Woman, complete with costumed back up dancers. It’s an internet gem for sure. At times the sound becomes a little glitchy, but it’s definitely worth a watch. And seriously, how can we get Barrowman and Jackman’s agents talking? Action-musicals could be a whole new thing.

Source: The Mary Sue

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