Christopher Lee has always been great to his fans, replying to letters and such. Sir Lee, (Knighted by Prince Charles back in 2009) likes to make video recaps of his work to insure fans know about his upcoming appearances in movies and film. Almost 90 years old and you can see how sharp Lee still is. That wonderfully full voice and his story telling skills will drag you right into his living room. 

The great British star has no less than four films that he’s appearing in this year. One, Hugo, is already released, while The Wicker Tree—the follow-up to the 1973 horror classic The Wicker Man—(NOT A REMAKE and not the Cage movie thank the Lord) is still awaiting a release date.

Lee also had a small role in Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows, which comes out on May 11, but his most eagerly anticipated appearance has to be in December’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, in which he reprises his role of Saruman the White.

The actor reveals that he’s completed his work for An Unexpected Journey and the second part, 2013’s There and Back Again, both of which, he says candidly, “I hope I live to see.” Lee admits that at his advanced age he only takes small parts requiring just a few days of shooting.

Perhaps for the benefit of his fans who are not familiar with The Hobbit, Lee adds:

“What is extremely important is that in these two films, which of course are long before Lord of the Rings … Saruman, who I play again, is indeed still Saruman the White, but he is a good and noble man, and the head of the Council of Wizards, as he always was.”

After you take a look at these videos check out some of Lee’s other videos from the link above. He is a very engaging speaker.


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