Quick, a fast food chain from France and Belgium, is releasing a trio of special burgers to celebrate the re-release of The Phantom Menace in 3D.  These burgers are Star Wars themed, of course!  We’ve got a “Dark Vador” burger that was inspired by Darth Vader, a “Jedi” burger that was inspired by Yoda and the Jedi, and a “Dark burger” inspired by Darth Maul.

The Jedi and Dark burgers don’t seem all that interesting but for their titles and the weird white chunky shit on the Jedi burger.  Could be cheese, could be onions, could be some other congealed white substance…  Now I’ve just talked myself out of ever having the Jedi burger if I were to teleport myself to Belgium.  Whoops.

The Dark Vador burger is making headlines simply because the black bun is a testament to its black, black heart.  Apparently the blackness is due to a dye and not because a shitload of emos shed eyeliner-infused tears over the buns.

These things will hit the restaurants on March 1st, with the Jedi burger available a few days afterwards on March 5th.

Do we have any Nerd Bastards in Europe who could go out and give these motherfuckers a try?  I’d love to hear some first-hand accounts of this stuff.

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