Remember way back when we saw those leaked set photos of Thor and Captain America beating up dudes in mocap suits? Pick that or any of the million other things that pointed to the Skrulls being the alien invaders in the up coming Joss Whedon superhero epic and prepare for disappointment.

Marvel Studios prez Kevin Feige told Badass Digest that ‘while Fox has [the rights to] The Super Skrull, Marvel owns The Skrull Empire.’  and that might not be the case, Badass Digest continues ‘Well, it turns out that either he was jumping the gun or someone in legal didn’t want to test the difference between those two concepts, and the aliens in The Avengers have been rebranded as something else, as well as redesigned.’ 

I do not like the sounds of that. The extra insult here is that Fox Studios has the rights to Skrulls due to those horrendous Fantastic Four movies they made. To quickly get up on my comic nerd soapbox – The crap, they can’t be fighting some redesigned off brand aliens, it’s the freakin Avengers, damn it. Avengers fight Skrulls. That’s how it is suppose to be.

I do hope that this rumor is proven untrue, or the two studios can come to some legal agreement. If the alien army turns out to be something other than a Skrull invasion force its going to feel just as awkward as that time Batman had to track down ‘The Poker’.


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