I’m not sure if it is an attempt to fill the void left behind after Smallville ended or some fanboy out there is blackmailing a network exec, but it looks like Green Arrow might be headed back to TV. According to Entertainment Weekly the CW is prepping a pilot about the emerald archer. Of course the network has a history with the character after numerous appearances on Smallville played by Justin Hartley as part of the shows ersatz Justice League.

Details are slim to none at this point other than the fact that Hartley will NOT be returning to the role. Here’s who is involved: Executive producers/writers are Greg Berlanti (Brothers & Sisters) and Marc Guggenheim (FlashForward), who also both worked on last year’s Green Lantern film, along with Andrew Kreisberg (Vampire DiariesFringe) who is no stranger to the character, having worked on the comic book. It will be produced by Berlanti Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television.

I guess the real question here is how they will bring Oliver Queen to the small screen. Sappy ass draggy teen soap opera? Cheesy action fest? Will it see the light of day or fade off to torrentable obscurity like the  Justin Hartley staring Aquaman pilot they did years back.

I do have to say I am excited at the thought of  watching the weekly adventures of the crime fighting left-wing billionaire playboy. Couple this with talk of Booster Gold getting his own pilot over on SyFy, hell I might even start paying my cable bill on time.

Source:  Entertainment Weekly

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